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Sprung Festival is a showcase of projects that are presented over the course of a few weeks or only a few days.

All projects that are showcased within the festival are student-led, written, performed, and produced. Sprung typically consists of live performative installments, inside and outside of the traditional theatre space. This year we will be showcasing four projects which will all be made available here on this website!

Festival Schedule

All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Saving time

Comfortable in our Bubbles
14th October 2021 @ 7pm

16th October 2021 @ 7pm
Due Date
13th October 2021 @ 8pm

15th October 2021 @ 8pm
My Town Jamm
14th October 2021 @ 8pm

16th October 2021 @ 8pm
13th October 2021 @ 7pm

15th October 2021 @ 7pm

Meet the Directors

Skye Veech

Due Date

Milly Gavrily

My Town Jamm

Leah Griffiths


Meet the Sprung Team

Janita Stapelberg

Head of Marketing / Design

Miette van Bockom Maas

Sprung Co-ordinator

Amelia Harding

Sprung Team Assistant

About the Sprung Festival

Sprung Festival gives an opportunity for third-year Communication students to lead and produce their own innovative and interdisciplinary works. An exciting culmination of their studies that showcases their learning, passions, and inimitable creativity.

Sprung Festival involves all years of the Theatre Media student cohort working collaboratively towards shared production goals. Third-year students mentor first and second-year students and as a result, everyone experiences peer learning and an enhanced sense of community.

Traditionally Sprung Festival is held on the Bathurst CSU campus, revolving around the Ponton Theatre and Creative Hub precinct however due to Covid-19 restrictions the 2020 Sprung Festival was an online production. We are once again excited to present the 2021 online Sprung Festival.